Lecture 1: Meshing a rectangle using ICEM CFD

The lecture explains how to mesh a rectangle using ICEM CFD.
However this lecture is a long lecture but it was required to keep it lengthy because of the reason that there are many of the important terms initially for you to understand. Yet it's a basic lecture and starting of our course on meshing processes

Lecture 2: Creating (assigning) the boundaries with meshing in ICEM CFD

The lecture explains how to create the different boundaries while meshing, which are to be assigned later the boundary conditions in the solver.

Lecture 3: Meshing a circular domain using ICEM CFD

The process of meshing a circular domain | Using O-Grid blocks

Appendix video related to an error: Solving porous-jump issue | Fluent error, cannot convert to porous-jump | ANSYS Fluent

Process to solve the issue while loading the mesh for a porous media, and receive a bad error saying "cannot change to porous-jump". It's because of the non-closed boundaries that you create and those are treated as not the walls. It should be an enclosure and so you should give some smart names to the boundaries Fluent can detect as walls, like you can name then as wall1, wall2, etc.